Kerrington Grabill

Semi-Professional Model

Hometown: Knoxville, Tenn.

Occupation: student

Education: Karns High School (Knoxville, Tenn.)
Major: ....

What do you want to do when you grow up?: Victoria Secret Model!

Words to live by/favorite quote: “A life without dreaming is a life without meaning” ~ Author Unknown

Five words that describe you: .....


  • Favorite Team: Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Sport: Track and Field
  • Movie: She's the Man
  • Food: Lasagna
  • Article of Clothing: I love my Headbands
  • Holiday: Halloween!!
  • Charity: .....

One thing most people would be surprised to learn is... that I am really really shy!

Biggest Fear: is being in big groups of people!

What would be your superpower?: ? .....

Most Embarrassing Moment:...!

Dream Job: My dream job is becoming a Victoria Secret Model

Dream Vacation Destination: ...!

Career goals?: Make enough money to be very comfortable!